Don't Panic. Keep Breathing.

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When all is shattered, is everything lost?

No colour left in my world, only black.
Darkness has become my new best friend.
I wish someone could have warned me how dangerous the darkness can be.

With their worlds spiralling out of control, Tate and Tamsyn struggle to cope on their own. Without Tate, Tamsyn falls back into old habits, relying on her trusty ‘fake’ smile to get her through until new friendships emerge and help her see the light.

Tate has a long, hard journey ahead of him without Quinn or Tamsyn to help him. With old haunts and memories threatening to break him, can he battle the darkness and find a light of his own to show him the way?

These two broken souls must fight to repair their fragile bond and rediscover what they have lost.

‘Don’t Panic. Keep Breathing’ is book two in the TNT trilogy.

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