Don't Think. Just Breathe.

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Fragile hearts are easy to break so handle with care...

Have you ever looked someone in the eye with a fake smile plastered on your perfectly put together face, while your soul is screaming on the inside for help? If not, consider yourself lucky. If you have then you know how I feel. This is me on a daily basis.

When new student Tate Devereaux meets Tamsyn “Ice Queen” Winter through a chance encounter, not even his friend’s warnings can stop him from trying to defrost her.

Tate is harbouring a heartbreaking secret of his own but instead of dealing with his demons, he directs all his energy into saving the mysterious girl in the green dress. As they slowly confide in each other, they ignite a fire in themselves they’d both thought was lost. How long can Tate contain his secret before it threatens to burn down what they’ve built?

With hearts as fragile as Tate and Tamsyn, there are only two options: shatter or become unbreakable.

Don’t think. Just breathe is book one in the TNT Trilogy.

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